Somerset Sight Dining in the Dark!

Dining in the dark

We are delighted to be hosting our first Dining in the Dark event for Somerset Sight at the Cooper Associates County Ground on Friday, 22 September.  To book or for more details please click here.
Somerset Sight (SS) is a not for profit organisation, embedded in the local community providing practical and emotional support to over 3,500 people and their families across the county who are blind or visually impaired.

Our services enable sight impaired people and their carers to:

• have increased confidence to live independently
• have improved emotional well being
• feel less isolated especially in rural areas
• have increased access to volunteering, activities and work experience

• Patient Support within hospital eye clinics – Volunteers work closely with staff in the eye clinics to offer information, practical and emotional support for those with a recent diagnosis or experiencing difficulties with their sight loss.

• Low vision aids and advice – Trained staff and volunteers listen to needs and offer selected specialist items, such as lighting, magnifiers, IT solutions, talking clocks and kitchen utensils, all of which can be tried out and purchased. They help people work out what items they need to help with everyday living.

• Mobile Advice Service – Reaching the whole of Somerset including isolated rural areas. Information and specialist items designed to assist with independent living are brought to towns and villages throughout Somerset. 1500 people visit every year to talk about their sight loss, access equipment and learn about the emotional support, social activities and patient support groups available.

• A free to use Audio Library with over 2,000 titles
• Emotional Support – Sight loss may develop over time or arrive very suddenly – our trained emotional support consultant is available for patients and their families, to help them come to terms with the implications of their sight loss.

• Volunteer Visiting Service – Matches a blind or partially sighted person on a one-to-one basis with a volunteer, to offer friendship, help with correspondence, and trips out. Currently we have 180 volunteer visitors across the county.

• Activity and social groups – For all ages such as bowls, craft, dance and exercise.

• Activities for working age – Helping them access new and adventurous sports and activities like rock climbing, sailing, riding, acoustic rifle shooting and guided running.

• Living with Sight Loss course – For the newly diagnosed, designed to enhance independent living skills and provide practical solutions to difficulties encountered and peer support.

• Agents for British Wireless for the blind – Demonstrating specially designed audio equipment delivered and installed in people’s homes.

• A wide range of rewarding volunteering opportunities for sighted and visually impaired people – Designed to enable them to increase their skills and enjoy social inclusion.

• Bespoke training – For anyone who works, or comes into contact with visually impaired people, including companies, schools, youth groups, care homes and the retail sector.