Food and Drink Federation response to the Queen’s Speech

The PKF Francis Clark Food & Drink team keep a close eye on relevant news stories impacting our clients and other businesses in the sector.
It was therefore, with great interest that I read an article release on 21 June by the Food & Drink Federation (FDF) giving their response to the contents of the Queen’s Speech.
FDF Director General, Ian Wright, was particularly informative in setting out the stance of the FDF as an influencer of political leaders and lobbyist for the best Brexit deal possible for the sector.
Given that Food & Drink manufacturing add £28.2 billion to GDP, generate more than £20 billion in exports and employ c.400,000 people in the UK (source: FDF), the influence of the FDF’s role cannot be underestimated.
The article, which can be found here comments on areas including; the Agriculture Bill, Customs Bill, Fisheries Bill and Immigration Bill.
The PKF Francis Clark Food & Drink team will continue to monitor developments and look forward to keeping you updated.
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by Nick Farrant, Partner, PKF Francis Clark. Please click here to visit PKF Francis Clark’s website

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