Christmas Party Pig Racing returns to the Cooper Associates County Ground


There will be the return of some familiar faces this weekend when the Cooper Associates County Ground stages our first Christmas Party Nights of the year.

In 2013 we introduced toy pig racing as Catering General Manager Sam Safe explains: “We wanted to do something different for our Christmas Party Nights and we also wanted to raise some money for charity,” she said. “It proved to be incredibly popular and every year we did it we raised over £1500 for charity.

“We tried something else last year in a bid to try and keep it fresh but so many people asked us about the pigs that we have brought them out of hibernation by popular demand!”

Sam explained how the pig racing works. “Every night we asked each table if they would like to sponsor a pig for the evening for a minimum donation of £10,” she said. “After all the tables had chosen their pigs, we switch them on, line them up and watch them go!

“The winner is the first pig to make it across the dance floor and the winning table get a large fish bowl of cocktail to enjoy.

“This year the pigs will be helping to raise money for the Meningitis Research Foundation.”

With the first Christmas Party Night now just two days away are Sam and her team ready to go? “Absolutely!” she said. “The trees are up, the food has all arrived, the crackers are ready, the staff are all booked in, the beer has been delivered and we are just putting the finishing touches to the decorations. We just can’t wait for Friday night!”